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Global Biogeochemical Cycles Winter Semester 2019/2020

Teilmodul: Biogeochemische Stoffkreisläufe (für Master Programm Umwelt Biogeochemische Prozesse in Erdsystem deren Einfluss auf die Kreisläufe von Energie, Wasser, Kohlenstoff, Sauerstoff, Stickstoff und Phosphor Zusammenhänge zwischen biogeochemischen Kreisläufen und Weltklima in der Erdgeschichte

Ablauf: Schriftliche Prufung/ written exam (75%) Übungen (excercises) (25%) Lectures are held in English -- Prufung, etc, in German or English (up to the student)

Class is held Wednesday 14:00-16:00 in the Seminar-room at Burgweg 11
Class Schedule with links to lecture notes and reading Click on the link to access pdf files

DateLink to lecture notesLinks to reading/excercises
16.10.2019Introduction and Atmosphere-
23.10.2019Elements of Biogeochemical CyclesChapter 1 Earth System Science
30.10.2019Ocean biogeochemistryOceans chapter Earth System Science
6.11.2019Coupled global carbon and oxygen cyclesQuestions and Notes, Ciaias et al. 2019
13.11.2019Land and SoilReading \\Answers to questions from last week
20.11.2019Long term coevolution of climate and biogeochemical cyclesquestions for study \\ Reading:paper on long term O2
27.11.2019Modeling biogeochemical cycles ICh4, Rodhe
4.12.2019Modeling biogeochemical cycles IIexercises
11.12.2019Global N cycleGlobal N cycle
18.12.2019Global Fe cycleReading_1, Reading 2
8.1.2020No class
15.1.2020No class
22.1.2020Global Sulphur cycleReading
29.1.2020Global Phosphorus cycleReading
5.2.2020Energy and thermodynamics. ReviewReading
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