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Tanguro Flux Study


We are studying how land use and forest disturbance alter fluxes of energy, water and carbon in evolving landscapes in the southern Amazon, in Mato Grosso, Brazil. This research is a collaboration between MPI-BGC, IPAM, the Woods Hole Research Center and the University of Brasilia.

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Susan Trumbore
Paulo Brando (WHRC)
Divino Silverio (IPAM)
Chelsea Nagy (Brown University)
Claudinei Oliveira Santos (IPAM)
Olaf Kolle and Martin Hertel (Freiland)

Paulo Brando, WHRC and IPAM

Our research questions

How does soy agriculture alter surface energy and water balance?

What is the trajectory and rate of recovery from burning at the ecotone between forest and savanna??


The two forest towers compare intact and burned forest plots to explore the trajectory of recovery
A description of the towers and instrumentation can be found here on the Freiland Group web site

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